Research Project A01

A01-1 Neural mechanisms inducing plasticity on body representations

Research Outline

Our research project aims to find neural correlates of bodily self-consciousness, and neural mechanisms in which changes in bodily self-consciousness lead to changes in body representations in the brain. Based on these results, we will develop a method for intervention and manipulation of the bodily self-consciousness. In this fiscal year, we made significant advances in investigation of fast and slow dynamics in body representations, decoding bodily self-consciousness, and finding a cause of abnormality in bodily self-consciousness in schizophrenia. We also developed a new experimental paradigm for online electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement of bodily self-consciousness and for electroneurophysiological study on corollary discharge.




Principal Investigator Hiroshi Imamizu (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator* Akira Murata (Associate Professor, Kinki University)
Co-Investigator* Yukari Ohki (Professor, Kyorin University)
Co-Investigator* Takaki Maeda (Assistant Professor, Keio University)
Co-Investigator Satoshi Shibuya (Assistant Professor, Kyorin University)
Co-Investigator Kenji Ogawa (Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)
Co-Investigator Tomohisa Asai (Researcher, NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Co-Investigator Tsukasa Okimura (Assistant Professor, Keio University)
Co-Investigator Yuichi Yamashita  (Section Chief, NCNP)
Co-Investigator Hiroaki Shigemasu (Associate Professor, Kochi University of Technology)
Co-Investigator Hiroshi Kadota (Associate Professor, Kochi University of Technology)
Co-Investigator Masahiro Yamashita (Researcher, ATR)
Co-Investigator Chang Cai (Researcher, ATR)
Co-Investigator Ryu Ohata (JSPS Research Fellow, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator Kei Mochizuki (Assistant Professor, Kinki University)
Co-Investigator Masatoshi Yoshida (Assistant Professor, National Institute for Physiological Sciences)

* funded co-investigator