Research Project B01

B01-1 Modeling of slow dynamics on body representations in brain

Research Outline

Body consciousness such as sense of agency and sense of ownership is generated in real-time based on the body representation in brain. This process can be called “fast dynamics.” On the other hand, the body representation is created, updated and transformed through perceptional and motion experience, which can be called “slow dynamics.” In this group, these dynamics on the process creating and updating body representation in brain related to body consciousness are investigated and modeled mathematically. The concrete objectives of B01 research group are mathematical modeling of creation of body consciousness and transformation of body representation of brain, verification of cognition-body mapping model, and examination of its application to model-based rehabilitation.



Hajime ASAMA

Principal Investigator Hajime Asama (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator* Toshiyuki Kondo (Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Co-Investigator* Hirokazu Tanaka (Associate Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Co-Investigator* Shiro Yano (Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Co-Investigator* Jun Izawa (Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba)
Co-Investigator Atsushi Yamashita (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator Masafumi Yano (Emeritus Professor, Tohoku University)
Co-Investigator Qi An (Research Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo) Collaborate with B02
Co-Investigator Wen Wen (Researcher, The University of Tokyo)

* funded co-investigator