Management Group X00

X00 Comprehensive research management for understanding the plasticity mechanism of body representations in brain

Research Outline

The management group aims to lead the research program by planning research policy, managing research projects, and working on assessment and publicity of the outcome. This group regularly holds steering committee meetings to determine research policy. At the end of each fiscal year, this group plans to have annual meetings to evaluate the progress of all research projects and enhance mutual collaboration among the researchers. To promote internationalization of the program, the group holds international workshops/symposia occasionally. With regard to outreach activities, the group organizes public symposia, issues newsletters, and updates the website.



OTA, Jun

Principal Investigator Jun Ota (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator* Eiichi Naito (Research Manager, NICT CiNet)
Co-Investigator* Shin-ichi Izumi (Professor, Tohoku University)
Co-Investigator* Toshiyuki Kondo (Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Co-Investigator Hiroshi Imamizu (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator Kazuhiko Seki (Director,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
Co-Investigator Kaoru Takakusaki (Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)
Co-Investigator Hajime Asama (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator Nobuhiko Haga (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigator Akira Murata (Associate Professor, Kinki University)
Co-Investigator Tetsunari Inamura (Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics)
Co-Investigator Takashi Hanakawa (Director,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
Co-Investigator Atsushi Yamashita (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Research Collaborator Yoshiaki Iwamura (Part-time Professor, Ueno Gakuen University / Emeritus Professor, Toho University)
Advisory Board Member Yoshikazu Shinoda (Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Advisory Board Member Eiichi Saitoh (Professor, Fujita Health University)
Advisory Board Member Koji Ito (Guest Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science / Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Advisory Board Member Paolo Dario (Professor, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)

* funded co-investigator