Planned Research

Management Group X00

Comprehensive research Management for understanding the plasticity mechanism of body representations in brain

Principal Investigator: Jun Ota (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Research Project A01

Neural mechanisms inducing plasticity on body representations

Principal Investigator: Hiroshi Imamizu (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Research Project A02

Neural adaptative mechanism for physical changes

Principal Investigator: Kazuhiko Seki (Director, NCNP)

Adaptive embodied-brain function due to alteration of the postural-locomotor synergies

Principal Investigator: Kaoru Takakusaki (Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)

Research Project B01

Modeling of slow dynamics on body representations in brain

Principal Investigator: Hajime Asama (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Research Project B02

Modeling of motor control that alters body representations in brain

Principal Investigator: Jun Ota (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Research Project C01

Neurorehabilitation based upon brain plasticity on body representations

Principal Investigator: Shin-ichi Izumi (Professor, Tohoku University)

Research Project C02

Rehabilitation for postural/movement impairments using sensory intervention

Principal Investigator: Nobuhiko Haga (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Subscribed Research

Research Project A03

Visualization of Brain Functional Dynamism by hybrid functional analysis with real-time feedback

Principal Investigator: Kyosuke Kamada (Department Head/Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)

Neural Basis for the Reference Frame and the Functional Synergies in Controlling Eye-head Coordination

Principal Investigator: Yuriko Sugiuchi (Associate Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Development of assistive technologies for rehabilitation by visualizing neural representation of muscle synergies using electroencephalography

Principal Investigator: Natsue Yoshimura (Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Human Fronto-Parietal Network for Embodied-Brain System: A Combined Electrocorticographic Decoding, Stimulation and Lesion Study

Principal Investigator: Riki Matsumoto (Professor, Kobe University)

Understanding the interaction between tactile and nociceptive information in the somatosensory cortex and controlling of nociception

Principal Investigator: Hironobu Osaki (Assistant Professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University)

Body representation changes underlying motor recovery after internal capsular stroke in macaques

Principal Investigator: Noriyuki Higo (Senior Researcher, AIST)

Research Project B03

Elucidation of the synergy reformation mechanism for neural function recovery

Principal Investigator: Tetsuro Funato (Associate Professor, The University of Electro-Communications)

Transformation of body representations in embodiment process of active artificial limb

Principal Investigator: Yasuhisa Hasegawa (Professor, Nagoya University)

Emergence of Fast/Slow Dynamics of Body Image in Muscular Skeletal Humanoid Robot

Principal Investigator: Koh Hosoda (Professor, Osaka University)

Investigation of adaptation process of the upper limb by artificially-disabled healthy participants

Principal Investigator: Natsuki Miyata (Senior Researcher, AIST)

Research Project C03

The relationship between body consciousness and motor control aspects of body representation in the brain

Principal Investigator: Arito Yozu (Associate Professor, Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences)

Motor Skill Training/Analysis of brain plasticity Through Muscle Contraction Pattern-Based Direct Rehabilitation

Principal Investigator: Keisuke Shima (Associate Professor, Yokohama National University)

Study on kinesthetic illusion induced by visual stimulation under the mixed reality and brain functional connectivity

Principal Investigator: Fuminari Kaneko (Associate Professor, Keio University)

Development of comprehensive measurement system of balance function to monitor the effect of rehabilitative interventions

Principal Investigator: Masahiko Mukaino (Lecturer, Fujita Health University)

Effect of “Hybrid-Neurorehabilitation to improve Sense of Agency” for patients with stroke hemiplegia

Principal Investigator: Shu Morioka (Professor, Kio University)