Research Project A02

A02-1 Neural adaptative mechanism for physical changes

Research Outline

Our research group is based on three major Neuroscience hub in japan (NCNP, NICT, TMIMS) and include 18 scientists. Through frequent collaboration and discussion, we would like to find how the embodied brain control our body. Aim of our collaborative study is to know the neural organization of muscle synergy generator and controller using electrophysiology and functional Brain imaging and propose the biomarker of brain plasticity on body representation. In the FY2015, we established 1) Stroke model using common marmoset, 2) understanding the fast and slow dynamics in human body cognition and motor control, and development of new fMRI decoding method, and 3) understanding on the mechanisms used by Purkinje cells to influence limb motor control and on the plastic changes that underlie motor learning in the cerebrocerebellum.



Kazuhiko SEKI

Principal Investigator Kazuhiko Seki (Director, NCNP)
Co-Investigator* Eiichi Naito (Research Manager, CiNet)
Co-Investigator* Shinji Kakei (Project Leader, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Co-Investigator Kenichi Inoue (Assistant Professor, Kyoto University)
Co-Investigator Naomichi Ogihara (Associate Professor, Keio University)
Co-Investigator Tatsuya Umeda (Section Chief, NCNP)
Co-Investigator Tomomichi Oya (Section Chief, NCNP)
Co-Investigator Masaya Hirashima (Senior Researcher, CiNet)
Co-Investigator Tsuyoshi Ikegami (Researcher, CiNet)
Co-Investigator Satoshi Hirose (Researcher, CiNet)
Co-Investigator Shintaro Uehara (Assistant Researcher, CiNet)
Co-Investigator Ganesh Gowrishanker (Researcher, CNRS)
Co-Investigator Min Kyonbo (Senior Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Co-Investigator Lee Zonho (Senior Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Co-Investigator Takahiro Ishikawa (Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Co-Investigator Takeru Honda (Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Co-Investigator Kaoru Amemiya (Researcher, CiNet)
Co-Investigator (Associate Professor, )
Co-Investigator Hiroshi Mitoma (Professor, Department of Medical Education, Tokyo Medical University)

A02-2 Adaptive embodied-brain function due to alteration of the postural-locomotor synergies

Research Outline

The present project is designed to examine cortical and subcortical mechanisms involved in the sensorimotor integration underlying anticipatory postural adjustments (APA) that precede the initiation and execution of voluntary movements. In the 2nd year of this project, experimentation in human beings and animals (monkeys and cats) have been performed. Following findings were obtained. First, APA was a feed-forward control process of controlling posture that requires motor programs and bodily information generated by fronto-parietal cortical network. Second, both the firing rate of the supplementary motor area (SMA) neurons and the contraction of paravertebral and leg muscles were higher during locomotion by biped than quadruped in the monkey. Third, reticulospinal neurons (RSNs) located in the ventral part of the pontomedullary reticular formation
(PMRF), where cortico-reticular neurons abundantly projected from the motor cortical area that was relevant to the SMA in primates, were involved in the increase in the contraction of antigravity muscles of the cat. These results support our hypothesis that cortico-reticulospinal projections, arising from the SMA-ventral PMRF to the spinal cord, may have capability of the execution of APA.




Principal Investigator Kaoru Takakusaki (Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)
Co-Investigator* Katsumi Nakajima (Professor, Iwate Medical University)
Co-Investigator Hiroshi Funakoshi (Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)
Co-Investigator Yuriko Sugiuchi (Associate Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Co-Investigator Yasuo Higurashi (Researcher, Kinki University)
Co-Investigator Tetsuo Ota (Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)
Co-Investigator Kazuhiro Obara (Assistant Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)
Co-Investigator Mirai Takahashi (Assistant Professor, Asahikawa Medical University)
Co-Investigator Seiji Matsumoto (Lecturer, Asahikawa Medical University)

* funded co-investigator